City of Rockville, Minnesota

Granite - Heart of the City
Photo montage: a girl looking a flowers, an iron park bench amid fallen autumn leaves, a family holding hands and walking in a park, and a dim sunset

Nick Waldbillig - Public Works Director 

Phone:  320-250-2601


Gene VanHavermaet - Maintenance/Mechanic
Phone:  320-267-3606




The Sewer Department can be reached at 320-293-5111.
If your grinder station alarm is ringing please call us immediately so the issue can be addressed in a timely matter.  If there is no answer, please leave a message stating the address of the grinder station and your phone number.
229 Broadway Street East - PO Box 93 - Rockville MN 56369 :: Phone: 320-251-5836 Fax: 320-240-9620 Email: