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January 15th, 2014 Council Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

January 15, 2014
Rockville City Hall
6:00 pm

Consent Agenda:      

a)     Approve minutes of 12/18/13

b)    Approve Treasurer’s Report of 01/15/2014

c)     Approve List of Bills and Additions of 01/15/2014

d)    Approve the 2014 Fees & Calendar

e)   Approve Reimbursement Resolution No. 2014-01

f)    Park & Rec Concession Stand 3.2% liquor License May 1 thru Oct 30 2014

g)   St. Joe Vol. Firefighter Relief Assn. raffle at 400 Club 4/25/14

Board/Staff Report

a)    Police

b)     Fire - Appoint interim Assistants and Secretary

Old Business                      

New Business

a)     Annual appointments/Committee Assignments

b)     Don Simon contract approval – 2014-02

c)     Rinke Noonan – contract renewal/rate increase

Committee Reports

a)     Mayor's Report

b)     RTCB

c)     Human Resources
 Appointment of Samuel Simon – Full time Maintenance Mechanic

 d)      Finance

             Equipment purchases

Administrator's Correspondence

a)      MDH award of LaMotte Tracer grant

b)     RFA – final/final designate funds after FD review

Open Forum



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