City of Rockville, Minnesota

Granite - Heart of the City
Photo montage: a girl looking a flowers, an iron park bench amid fallen autumn leaves, a family holding hands and walking in a park, and a dim sunset


Minnesota’s ROCORI Trail — named for the three small towns through which it will eventually run (Rockville, Cold Spring and Richmond)—currently has two disconnected segments open for use. The first section of trail opened in 2009 in the quaint downtown area of Rockville. Built during the reconstruction of Broadway Street/County Road 82, the 1-mile stretch of trail is immediately adjacent to the road, allowing for easy access to residences, businesses and City Hall.
A longer portion of trail is open between Cold Spring and Richmond. This section uses an abandoned BNSF Railway corridor and is adjacent to State Route 23 for nearly its entire length.  The headquarters of Coldspring (formerly the Cold Spring Granite Company), nationally known for contributing to both the FDR Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, is located near the trail’s western terminus.  Other sites along the way include the Cold Spring Baseball Park (a short trek up 7th Avenue in Cold Spring) and the sprawling Rich-Spring Golf Club (across SR 23 from the trail).  In Richmond, travelers can connect to the popular Glacial Lakes State Trail.
A future section of the Rocori Trail will link the existing segments in Cold Spring and Rockville. The project will include the rehabilitation of an original railroad trestle over the Sauk River. Longer term plans call for an eastward extension of the trail to The Club on County Road 138 near Rockville.

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