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Veteran's Monument in Rockville

Veterans Monument
Veterans Monument

A message from the Monument Committee

Our committee has constructed a monument to honor all Military Veterans, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and Law Enforcement Officers.  Our committee consists of Rockville Lion Members, Rockville Sportsman's Club Members, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement Officers.  Rosie Steil and Rodney Schaefer are chairing this committee.

This monument has been placed on Rockville City property at the new Fire Department Building.  It is located to the west of the current flag's location.  It consists of three granite tablets four feet wide and seven feet tall. There is a capstone connecting the three tablets.  Also included are two granite benches placed by the monument and one by the 9/11 artifact for thoughtful reflection. 
9/11 Artifact from the World Trade Center
9/11 Artifact from the World Trade Center
The cost of the monument construction was supported 100% by donations for this project.
Donations for the Veteran's Monument and 9/11 artifact were made by major sponsors, from the charge for including names on the monument, and through in­kind donations.  No city, county, or state funds were used to fund this project.  Our committee maintains an account at the Granite Community Bank in Cold Spring.  100% of the monies donated have been/will be used towards the cost and maintenance of the Veteran's Monument and the 9/11 artifact.  Coldspring assisted us in this project.  They have helped develop many monuments in Minnesota and in other states.
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