City of Rockville, Minnesota

Granite - Heart of the City
Photo montage: a girl looking a flowers, an iron park bench amid fallen autumn leaves, a family holding hands and walking in a park, and a dim sunset

 April 21, 2010 Council Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.


Consent Agenda:

  • Approve minutes 03/16/10 & 3/17/10
  • Approve Treasurer's Report 04/21/10
  • Approve List of Bills and Additions 04/21/10
  • Summer Ball Program-3.2 On sale Malt liquor license at concession stand

    Board/Staff Report:

  • Police 

  • Planning Commission-Mike Koslowski variance form side yard requirements, Feedlot-Memorandum of Agreement with Stearns County, Abandonment of BNSF Railroad
  • Park & Recreation-Easter Egg Hunt results, Approve Concession Stand Workers
  • Rock Fest-fireworks contract approval
  • Maintenance -2 Request for Action 

    Old Business:

  • Dan Hansen LOC

  • Rocori Trail Financing Status-Heidi Peper

    New Business:

  • 2009 Finance Audit presentation-Tom Ohlinger
  • Stoney's & Big Daddy's-request for street dance-7/10/2010 (downtown)
  • Stoney's-Outdoor bash 6/5-6p.m. till 12 midnight 

    Committee Report:

  • Mayor's Report
  • Public Works Committee meeting
  • EDA annual report
  • Finance Committee 

    Administrator's Correspondence:

  • Reduction in size of council-process
  • MDNOT response to Bruce Conrad's request to purchase excess ROW
  • Establish Peddler's License Fee

    Additions to the Agenda

  • Liability Coverage Waiver Form
  • Approve Troy Voigt's request to hold wedding reception in the bus garage
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