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Automatic Payment Form - Utility Bill

Did you know that you can pay your utility bill from your checking or savings account automatically - no checks to write, stamps to buy, or late payments!  Automatic pay is an efficient, hassle-free way to pay your City of Rockville utility bill. Payments are deducted directly from your checking or savings account on each billing due date.  There is no charge for this service.

FREE!  To sign up for automatic pay, please submit a completed Automatic Payment Plan Authorization Form along with your current utility bill payment to City Hall. You will know your enrollment is complete when you see the words, 'DO NOT PAY – AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL ON DUE DATE' on your bill statement.  Automatic pay can be cancelled at any time by notifying the city in writing that you wish to discontinue this service.

Please include a voided check or a savings deposit/withdrawal slip along with your application.

For any questions, please contact City Hall at 320-251-5836 or email us at
229 Broadway Street East - P.O. Box 93 - Rockville MN 56369 :: Phone: 320-251-5836 Fax: 320-240-9620 Email: