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Advocates for Health

The Rockville Lions along with the City of Rockville, the Rockville Fire Department and area lake residents from Grand, Pearl, and Pleasant Lakes invite you to join us.  We are working with the non-profit “Advocates for Health” to install and place 8 AED Smart Monitored Cabinets.  We need your help.  We have already raised $10,000 of our $40,000 goal but we still have a long way to go.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause!  
AED is the abbreviation for “Automated External Defibrillator”.  It is a small, portable machine that delivers an electrical shock to a person who has been stricken by sudden cardiac arrest. That happens when the electrical system in the heart goes haywire and suddenly stops the heart from pumping.  Death is almost certain within 10 minutes, unless cardiopulmonary resuscitation is administered and/or a defibrillator is used. Each AED gives voice prompts about how to use it.
About 350,000 people die of cardiac arrest each year, and 80 percent of them happen at home. Only about 5 percent of them survive. However, if CPR and/or AEDs are used, the survival rate is near 75 percent.  The average first responder time in most cases is over 7 minutes.  Time is a major factor.
There is a basic difference between sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack.  “Sudden cardiac arrest” is when the heart just stops with little or no warning due to a kind of electrical seizure. A “heart attack,” on the other hand, is caused usually by some blockage in an artery when the heart does not get enough oxygen. Many who suffer heart attacks have time to get emergency treatment. That is not true with those who suffer cardiac arrest.  The AED can also be used when people are suffering “heart attacks,” as well as “sudden cardiac arrests”.
There is currently a coordinated effort to install at least 8 AED Smart Monitored Cabinets in the Rockville area.   So far Advocates for Health has have helped coordinate over 55 AED Smart Monitored Cabinets in Stearns county.  AED’s are now common in public places such as schools, athletic fields, law-enforcement stations, squad cars, ambulances, and hospitals. However, they are unfortunately off limits to the general public, especially after hours when they are inaccessible in locked-up buildings. That is why the concept of AED Smart Monitored began.  Each unit is heated during the Minnesota winters and cooled during the hot summers.  Using cell phone technology, the unit is checked on daily for battery and pad condition along with temperature.  Using an existing AED that is available is an option.


Initiative Goals

    • Install 8 Smart AED Stations to make AED’s available to the public 24/7 – 365 days per year
    • Create public awareness of AED locations
    • Educate and train the public on the use and importance of AED’s
Placing AED’s in outdoor Smart Monitored Cabinets will significantly increase the chance of survival by making the devices more accessible, to anyone, at any time.


Quick Facts

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a medical emergency causing death if not immediately treated
  • An estimated 350,000 SCA deaths occur each year in the United States.
  • When someone is in SCA, 911, CPR and access to an AED is critical.
  • Up to 80% of sudden cardiac arrests happen in homes and public spaces, where the chance of surviving is a dismal 5-8%. When an AED is used within 3-5 minutes, the survival rate increases to 75%.
  • Every minute without an AED, the chance of survival drops 10 percent.


Phase 1: Installation will be at the following 4 locations in the city of Rockville and the lakes of Grand, Pearl and Pleasant
    • City of Rockville, 229 Broadway Street East
    • Lions Park near west side of Pleasant Lake
    • Grand Lake Grill, 21614 County Road 8, west side of lake
    • Holy Cross Catholic Church, Marty area
Phase 2:  Installation at these 4 area locations
    • Northeast side of Grand Lake
    • Pearl Lake public access area
    • Rockville softball field area
    • East side of Pleasant Lake


Initiative Goals

    • Raise $40,000 (plan to use some existing AED’s currently owned)
    • Full and Half Sponsorships available with name recognition options
    • Encourage Smart Monitored Cabinets installations to make AED’s available 365 days a year 24 hours per day
    • Create public awareness of AED locations
    • Educate the public on the use and importance of AED’s


The life you save could be your own!


 If you are able to help, please contact one of the following committee members: 

Rod Schaefer:  Fire Chief – Rockville Fire Dept.

Chris Hofmann:  Rockville Fire Dept.

Bill Becker:  City of Rockville and Pleasant Lake Area

Brian Herberg:  City of Rockville and Rockville Lions Club

Lenny Voigt:  Pearl Lake Area & Rockville Lions Club

Jayson Molitor:  Grand Lake Area & Rockville Lions Club

Daryl and Rosie Steil:  Rockville Lions Club

 Now is a great time to give!

New Charitable Rules – Incentives - Generosity during COVID-19


Make checks payable to: Advocates for Health (please put Rockville AED in memo field).

Checks can be mailed to:

Advocates for Health
Rockville Area AED Fund
P.O. Box 185
Rockville MN 56369




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