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 September 11, 2012 Planning Commission Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.

Approval of Agenda/Amendments:
    Additions to the Agenda (if Any)
 8949 County Road 6 (Concept plan - split off 3 acres (Zoned R-1)

 Approval of Minutes 08/07/12

New Business:

     a) Public Hearing @ approximately 6:35 p.m. Vernon Salzl @ 25940 99th Ave for a Interim 
         Use Permit: 

     b) Public Hearing @ approximately 6:45 p.m. Cindy Heddens @ 24537 County Road 138 
rezone property: 
     c) Discussion on Feedlots-Stearns County Environmental Becky-Schlorf Von Holdt:

     d) C-Chanthakhammy approval to build a 59’9x104’9 Cold Storage Building:
  • Build a larger Cold Storage Building then what was previously presented.
  • To locate the ColdStorageBuilding in a different location then what was approved.

     e) R-1 Zone: Leave Existing Accessory structure without a principal structure:
      f) Ag-40 Zone: Build a Accessory Structure (personal use not farm use) without a principal 

     g) Discussion on Amending the Rural Residential Ordinance:

  • Splitting property from 1 parcel to 2 parcels (Allowing splits to be done under a Qualified Minor Subdivision vs. platting it with Lots & Blocks)
  • 3 or more lots would need to do the platting with Lots & Blocks

 Planning Commission Member/Staff Report: 

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