City of Rockville, Minnesota

Granite - Heart of the City
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February 18, 2015 Council Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.


Consent Agenda:

a) Approve minutes of 01/21/15

b) ACCEPT Treasurer’s Report of 02/18/2015

c) Approve List of Bills and Additions of 02/18/2015

 Board/Staff Report

a) Police

b) Fire - Approve moving annual meeting to the fire hall and serving alcohol

c) Planning Commission

  • Althaus/Unger concept plan
  • Definition changes

Old Business

a) 2015 - 83 Ordinance establishing water conservation rate

New Business

a) Bruce Conrad would like to purchase a piece of city property that was approved previously to Kenn Tamm

b) Kathleen Stanger - requests approval to have the Rock Fest Parade and fireworks with paying the insurance.

c) Member Willenbring request for funds to attenc NLC Conference in Washington, DC

Committee Reports

a) Mayor's Report - Schedule work session - good governance training from LMC


c) Public Works -

  • Pleasant Lake Road Survey
  • Pickup n Power Sports hook up to water/sewer

Administrator's Correspondence

a) Accept Treasurer Report Only


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