City of Rockville, Minnesota

Granite - Heart of the City
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Rockville County Park

Rockville County Park contains 284 acres. There are approximately 1.2 miles of the Sauk River frontage touching the park boundaries. Portions of the park property contain natural communities recognized on the Minnesota County Biological Survey. A large granite outcrop is contained on the easternmost portion of the park. A lowland hardwood forest and a tamarack swamp also lie within the park boundaries.

The Park is open year round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Picnic Area
  • Hiking Trails
  • Horse Trails
  • Fishing
  • Eagle Nest viewing
  • Canoe Access
  • Canoe Campground
  • Bicycle Campground
  • Group Camp
  • Access to Snowmobile Trail
From St. Cloud, go West on Highway 23; Take a right on County Road 82 into Rockville; Take a right on County Road 139. Just past Eagle Park, continue onto Sauk River Road. The parking area will be on the right.
Rockville County Park offers group camping for bona fide youth groups and educational groups (e.g. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church youth groups, 4-H Clubs, etc.). Advance notice is required; please contact the Park Office for more information.
Canoe campsites are accessible from the river on a first come first serve basis. Traveling bicyclists are welcome to use this site also.
Park History
Rockville County Park was established in late 2006 and early 2007 through the purchase of three major parcels of property. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources grants were used to match donations and county bonding funds to establish the park. This parcel is encumbered by a conservation easement held by the Minnesota Land Trust.
The largest parcel, the John & Linda Peck parcel, was donated to the project. Mr. Peck is a volunteer with the Minnesota Land Trust and was the chair of the Stearns County Park Commission. He and his wife, Linda were recognized as Stearns County Volunteers of the Year in 2007 for their commitment to conservation and their donation of property for the new park.
The park is bisected from east to west by a public road; Sauk River Road, and a portion of County Road 139. A segment of Glacier Road runs north and south through a small portion of the park and intersects with the Sauk River Road. There is a 40’ x 65’ pole garage with electricity and concrete floor. There is a shallow well in the building that was used for pheasant watering. There is also an active eagle nest within Rockville County Park.
The City of Rockville’s Eagle Park lies immediately to the east of the park. Eagle Park is 63 acres in size with large randomly-located corestones strewn throughout the site. Eagle Park contains an active Eagle's nest.A recent master plan was completed for Eagle Park and contains a strong emphasis on restoring native vegetation to the site and limiting uses to those compatible with preservation of natural resources. The relationship of Eagle Park to Rockville County Park is an important issue within the master planning process.
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